Hunted By The Past Guided By My Future


The poems begin with a story of you falling for a person, what makes you fall for that person, and how you fall for that person. You experience a lot of beautiful things with that person while you both are together.


After awhile, you start to feel like that person doesn’t appreciate your love, kindness, and even your existence. You feel sad, weak, and vulnerable. You always feel like everything you’ve done for that person is never enough and you keep giving that person anything that you feel like you need to give until you get tired.

Then you try to move on. You try so hard to stop loving that person and start loving yourself more as you’ve forgotten to love yourself for a long time. But those are not easy things to do. You keep going back and forth to that person. Your mind keeps remembering that person while your heart is trying to let go.

But in the end, you start to believe that that person is nobody for you so you can really let that person go. You start to live your life fully with the happiness that you’ve been deserving. You start realizing your self-worth and living your life without feeling like you need someone to complete you. You’re perfectly whole within yourself and nobody or even nothing can ever make you feel less than whole.


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